Ray Hood FIPG is a world renowned Master Hand Engraver.  Originally from London, Ray now resides in Adelaide, Australia and runs his own successful business, London Engraver.

Ray is the only hand engraver in Australia to have completed an intense 6 year apprenticeship at Garrard & Co, the former Queen’s Crown Jewellers in London.  He is a member of the venerated Goldsmith’s of London and was made a Freeman of the City of London for his services to the trade.   Ray is also a Fellow of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.

Hand engraving at this level is highly exclusive and very rarely found.  Individual commissions are welcome.  Please contact us at enquiries@londonengraver.com to discuss your project.  If you wish to see Ray’s work in more detail just click on the photos to enlarge them.

What is Hand Engraving?

Hand engraving is an age-old art-form providing bespoke and personalised engraving onto precious metals.  All engraving is done entirely by hand using high speed steel gravers and is amongst the very finest offered in Australia.

Ray’s specialties include pet portraits, family crests and heraldry, antique restoration, seal engraving, deep carving, trophies, jewellery and wax carving, to name but a few!

Ray has also hand engraved many prestigious sporting awards including Wimbledon, Formula 1, the FA Premier League Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions trophy, the Augusta US Masters trophy, Royal Ascot and the Heineken Cup.

Signet Rings

One of Ray’s specialities is heraldry.  He can recreate your family coat of arms or crest onto solid signet rings with an amazing amount of detail.  Jewellery like this is an heirloom for you to pass on to future generations.

If you don’t already have a signet ring to be engraved London Engraver is able to source hallmarked signet rings for ladies and men.  These rings are stamped and not cast, which means the metal is not porous, and in turn means they are much better quality for hand engraving.

Signet rings are available in sterling silver or yellow, white or rose gold, in either 9ct or 18ct.  There are also three weights of gold to choose from so we can really tailor to your budget.

If you are unsure of your family crest we are always happy to try and help by using our copy of Fairbairn’s Book of Crests – an invaluable source when it comes to heraldry.

You can choose to have your full coat of arms engraved or just your crest.  You can also choose from surface engraving or seal engraving.  Seal engraving is where the metal is removed and Ray engraves in relief so the ring can be used to create a wax impression.

All signet rings come complete with a presentation box as well as a wax impression if you choose to have a seal engraving.


You will be amazed at just how much writing Ray can hand engrave inside rings.  If you’re interested in having any of the following on your wedding bands, engagement rings or other jewellery we can most definitely help:

  • Names or initials
  • Dates – wedding date, birth date, engagement date – Roman, written, or digital
  • Inscriptions – personal messages, special quotes, nicknames
  • Places – site of destination wedding, places of conception
  • Fingerprints – your partner’s or maybe your child’s
  • Patternwork – floral, scroll or something you designed yourself

Please contact us via enquiries@londonengraver.com to discuss your ideas.

Pet Portraits

Ray’s unique skill allows him to produce bespoke portraits of your pet on precious metals. This isn’t limited to just dogs or cats, it can be any of your beloved animal companions!

Because each hair is engraved individually Ray is able to really capture the essence of your pet, something a laser engraver just cannot do.  And because the metal is removed and not just etched or burnt, it really will last a lifetime.

Ray reproduces the portrait by copying from a favourite photo you provide.  Don’t worry if the background isn’t quite what you had in mind – Ray is able to tailor this to something that means more to you, such as adding in your pet’s favourite toy or adding grass underfoot if they loved the park.

Pet portraits are created on a hand-stamped 32mm circular disc, in silver, gold or platinum, and make a wonderful piece of sentimental jewellery.  On the reverse of the portrait Ray is able to hand engrave patternwork so that it can be worn either way – proudly displaying your pet, or showing off the patternwork and keeping your pet discreetly close to your heart.

Whether you would like a special memorial for your pet or a unique individual piece of jewellery, Ray is ready to produce a unique custom item just for you.  Please contact us via the details below for a quote.


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